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Frequently Asked Questions

All children must be at least three years, and four years old by September 1.

Our preschool hours are: 8:45-12:00 for morning pre-kindergarten classes.  The 3 year old class hours are: 8:45 – 11:15 a.m. 

Our teacher-student ratios are 2:12 for Threes class and 2:14 or 3:21 for PreK classes.  Our teachers are highly qualified and trained individuals. These standards are maintained as they attend workshops and in-service trainings.  All staff is CPR and First Aid certified.

Our curriculum ensures that each age group participates in daily activities that enhance the following developmental domains: 

  1. Social Skills/Emotional Growth – Development of self-worth, self-esteem, self-control, affection, and cooperation
  2. Creative/Artistic Experience – Appreciation of art, drama, music, and nature
  3. Physical Activity – Large and fine motor skills    
  4. Cognitive Skills – Thinking abilities, including decision making, judgment, analysis and readiness skills
  5. Language Development – Expressive and receptive language abilities
  6. Health Education – Encourage independence in washing hands, toileting, and safety

Friend-Ship Preschool rooms are divided into clearly defined learning areas. Our program is designed to stimulate children to reach their full potential. We have arranged the learning areas into a variety of centers which may include a creative center, sensory center, science center, dramatic play center, fine motor center, math and manipulation center, literature and listening center, building center, and theme center.

Friend-Ship Preschool is a ministry of South Canyon Lutheran Church. Our education stresses the values of kindness, love, and respect for others consistent with the Christian faith and other religious traditions. There is a daily prayer before snack, monthly Bible stories, weekly visits by our pastors, and Holiday celebrations. Families of all faiths are invited to share their religious traditions.

Friend-Ship Preschool will work with all families to support the individual needs of each student. We will make every attempt to provide the best learning environment for each student in collaboration with their parents.  Communication is key in continuing evaluation as to the needs of any student and the ability of our program to meet those needs.  

We encourage parents to participate as much as possible. Parents will have the opportunity to volunteer in their child’s classroom as well as special events. Parents will be able to help with seasonal activities as well as reading to the class, sharing their hobbies, jobs, cultures or other interests with the class.